Badge of the Deuxième D.B.

2. Journey from Pointe Noire to Kano. (Oct 1941 - Feb 1942)

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The Fondere with tow barge alongside loading
The Paddle Steamer "La Fondère" on the Congo, 1941. The long barge in the foreground is the "William Guynet".
Fort Archambault. Rio, Eve, Creusat, Baudon, Leleu, Lt Imbert, Maurinkovic, Alençon, Tracqui.
Left to right, crouching; Rio, Eve, Creusat, Baudon, Leleu, Lt Imbert. Standing; Maurinkovic, Alençon and Tracqui at Fort Archambault, 1941.
René Tracqui at Fort Archambault
François René Tracqui at Fort Archambault, 1941.
Men beside a lorry
Tracqui, Imbert, Pouille, Kermel, Menguy, Guenan, Huguet, Michard, Thuayre, Perrot, Eve, 1942.
René Rayez and Aymar de Villeglé relax
René Rayez on the left with Aymar de Villeglé relax.
Raymond Pouille left and Jean Kermel.
Raymond Pouille on the left with Jean Kermel.
Group on a hunt
Lt. Imbert at front left, other Free French not yet identified. Fort Archambault 1941.
Emmanuel de Beaussier and François René Tracqui
Emmanuel de Beaussier at left with François René Tracqui, Bangui 1941.
Letter appealing to Captain Ratard
Letter to Captain Ratard appealing for a return to his command, 13 January 1941.
Between Bangui and Chad
Free French lorries en route from Bangui to Fort Archambault, Nov 1941.
Crossing a river
River crossings were always by raft, Nov 1941.