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3. A Year in Kano. (Feb 1942 - Feb 1943)

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Gaston in Kano barrack
Gaston Eve relaxing in the Kano barrack.
Henri Caron and crew.
Tank "Gascogne", Kano. Left to right top row; Louis Michard, Henri Caron, unknown (Treguer?). Lower row; unknown (Léo Jouhet?) and Pierre Coatpehen.
Free French football team.
2nd Company's football team, May 1942 Kano. Left to right, back; Aime Fedrizzi, Lt Jean Davreux, Captain Georges Ratard, Selongier, Gaston Eve, Laguerre. Front; Frederic Rio, René Rayez, Emmanuel de Beaussier, Albert Lataillade, Jean Kermel, Michel Le Saout.
Free French football team 2.
Free French Team. L to R, Standing; "Debruyne", de Beaussier, Kermel, ?Pierre de la Villeglé?, Eve, Alençon, Coatpehen. Centre row; Jaouen, Fedrizzi, Lataillade. Front row; Rayez, le Saout, Davreux. Unusually, Gaston didn't write names on back of this photo. I'm confident of my identifications except Pièrre de la Villeglé. Gaston kept all his football team line-up lists. The men are standing in 3 rows in playing positions which only match his drawing for 12 March 1943. Therefore logically the unknown must be Pièrre de la Villeglé who was center forward that day. I've no other photos of him for confirmation.
Group on a tank Kano.
"At top Simon, died at Khartoum from dysentry and Lataillade. In front left to right; Eve, Perrot, Herve, Raveleau, Le Saout (killed at Longjumeau) et Seleskovic."
Henri Caron casse croute pour Hitler.
Gaston told me that the "Casse-croûte pour Hitler" (snack for Hitler) joke was Henri Caron's idea to boost morale among the youngsters who were becoming impatient to get into action.
Quatrième section casse croute pour Hitler.
Left to right; Eve, Coatpehen, Caron, Treguer, Jaouen. Crouching in front Tirailleur Gwandera.