Badge of the Deuxième D.B.

8. The Combat in the Alsace. (9 Sept 1944 - 20 Jan 1945)

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Heading east. Bouquet in tank cannon muzzle is from last parade through Paris
"Heading east. Bouquet in tank cannon muzzle was put there by Mme. Gandon in Paris;"
L-R Generals Haislip, Patton and Leclerc
Generals Haislip, Patton and Leclerc confer.
Company crosses a river.
Second Company on a ferry. Front Louis Tréguer, behind him Claude Nalpas, top right Philippe Bey-rozet.
Group resting close to the town of Bitche
Near Bitche. L to R Louis le Ray of maintenance section? André Mengual, André Beaufils, Gaston Eve, Marc Casanova et Philippe Bey-rozet.
Asplanato's little note to Gaston
Lucien Asplanato's little note to Gaston.
Général Leclerc lit une carte
General Leclerc checks troop positions on a map and issues orders.
Group dans l'Est
At top, unknown man. Left to right, top row, Georges Brice, Pierre Regnier and Marc Casanova. Lower row, Jean de Valroger, Louis Tréguer, Roland Hoerdt, Maurice Maizières and unknown man. Crouching at front, René Tracqui. Photo Gaston Eve.